Tang Band Speaker Brief Introduction

Tang Band Speaker (well-known as TB Speaker), 1996 was established in Taipei, Taiwan, has been in the speaker industry for almost 20 years. TB’s products started form speaker parts, drivers all the way to ODM/OEM finished products. Even though it is not easy, we never change our original principle to provide best sound, quality and steady speakers to our customers.

In 1999, TB moved its production bases to Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in China and kept the sales department in Taipei. TB’s market used to be U.S.A. and Europe before. Recently, because of the growth of Asian market, TB’s market strategies is now targeting on the worldwide. TB’s product application includes Hi-Fi, home theater, outdoor speaker, car speaker, multimedia and professional PA speaker… etc. Because of the popularity of small portable speakers in recent years, TB also develops series small speaker drivers and "Sound Modules".

Sound Module – it is our most innovative patented product, which itself is a driver and cabinet combination. Through the passive radiator design, it can allow the extension of low frequency sound. Sound Module can also help all the industry elites to let them no longer worry about how to make good sound. It can easily be applied to cross-industry applications. For example, lighting, smart home, robot, projector, interactive whiteboard, security systems and medical… etc. Allow TB’s professional engineering team to solve problem for you !

TB Speaker keeps developing in the material, production and structure designing areas. We now have around one hundred patented, and we are confident that through continuing innovative research and development, TB’s products will always be a proud for all acoustic engineers around the world.