☆ Hi-Res 40K Tweeter 25-2234S !

When SONY presented the concept of Hi-Res as a standard
for high resolution music experience, it brought up a
phenomenon,whereas listeners follow it wave by wave!
But to make it really a Hi-Res, you need “Real Good
to play the sound, to achieve the true Hi-Res!
TB had started the research for 40K Hz performance
tweeter since early 2016; after experiments on and on,
finally we made this 25mmVC tweeter 25-2234S reaches
to fit the Hi-Res standard! The frequency response
of this 25-2234S is 900~40k Hz and the SPL is 90dB.
It adopts  neodymium as its magnet. Maybe it is not the
first one in the world, but definitely a very rare and great
one tweeter!
We present this Hi-Res tweeter, 25-2234S with the most sincerity to all of you! This tweeter will make your stereo equipment reach actual Hi-Res standard! Our next goal is to design a 20mmVC Hi-Res tweeter. Let’s hold our expectation and wait for this!