☆ Subwoofer bundle projects

TB speaker is pleased to announce our newest developed patented products named “Wave-Shaped” passive radiators. These newest developed passive radiators would be bundled with our active sub-woofers in order to generate the best quality of low frequency sound. It’s a perfect sound combination you would ever experience.
The most impressive of this new innovative product is not only how powerful the subwoofer would become, but this new innovative passive radiator is contain in such small enclosure yet able to produce highest quality of low frequency throughout the industry.
What makes our “Wave Shaped” passive radiators so unique and precious is that the active driver would allow passive radiator move very fast yet remain solid movement cope with capability of “linear excursion. We are very proud of being able to maintain the “linearity” characteristic and consistency of our high quality product record.
These “Wave-shaped” passive radiators would introduce to the market in several series; we are now taking the initial step to introduce you the first 3 kinds of bundle deals. Such as 2 " & 4" active drivers, W2-2040S and W4-2089S. However, we have 6 kinds more  on line now, there would be more bundle projects rolling out along the way. Furthermore, TB speaker also provide you the cabinet recommendation data for your reference
PR07-A = 1 pc W2-2040S 2 pcs PR07
PR08-A = 1 pc W2-2040S + 1 pc PR08
PR09-B = 1 pc W6-2100 + 1 pcs PR09
PR10-A = 1 pc W5-2053 + 1 pcs PR10
PR11-A = 1 pc W3-2052S + 1 pc PR11
PR13-A = 1 pc W3-2088S0F + 1 pc PR13
PR13-B = 1 pc W5-2053 + 2  pc PR13
PR14-B = 1 pc W5-1138SMF + 1 pcs PR14
PR14-C = 1 pc W6-1139SIF 2  pc PR14
PR15-A = 1 pc W4-2089 + 1 pc PR15
 **  “Wave-shaped” passive radiators won’t be sold alone.

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