☆ Hi-Res 40K Tweeter - 20-2240S n 25-2234S !

When SONY’s promoting the concept of Hi-Res standard for music listening, it has become very essential to have a real compatible speaker to work with the signal, making the listeners experiencing the true Hi-Res!  

TB had been researching for the 40K Hz tweeter since the start of 2016; after developing back and forth, we are happy to present you our 2 Hi-Res tweeter: 25mm VC  25-2234S & 20mm VC 20-2240S! They can reach 40kHz in consisting performance, the frequency range is 800~40kHz & 850~40kHz while the SPL can reach 89dB & 86dB with neodymium magnetic. Though they are not the only Hi-Res drivers in the world, but truly one of a few!
We would suggest you to adopt these 2 tweeters 25-2234S or 20-2240S into your audio system with sincerity, upgrading your system into a true Hi-Res level !
Our next goal would be developing a Hi-Res co-axial speaker, making hearing Hi-Res music a never-get-back experience for everyone