☆ Amplifier kit - KIT0058 / KIT0059 / KIT0060

※"Amplifier kit" for sound modules
Stop struggling to find the suitable amplifier for
TB sound modules !
The new sound module amplifier kits:
       KIT0058 – 2.0   5W /channel with BT
KIT0059 – 2.0   10W /channel with BT
KIT0060 – 30W  Sub amplifier
perfectly satisfy your needs in 2.0 and 2.1 systems.

The models come with class D amplifier, adjustable HPF or LPF setting, standard and ODM/OEM versions provide you the best crossover setting and the most flexible applicability with TB sound modules. Click below for further introduction:
       KIT0058 – 2.0    Fits T0-2008ST1-1925ST1-1931S
KIT0059 – 2.0    Fits T1-1828ST1-1828SDT1-1942ST1-1942SBT1-2121SDT2-2136SA
KIT0060 – 30W  Fits T2-2181SAT3-2190S

For further information or support, please check the manuals of TB sound module amplifier kits.