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SUG1-20 6.5” Full Range, Back Horn, Floor-Standing Enclosure Suggestion

Proposal :
  • This W6-1916 is a high-end full range speaker driver. With many TB patented designs, it can easily reach 91 dB SPL and great dynamic moment. The bamboo fiber high frequency whistle and aluminum phase plug can maintain perfect sound performance.
  • With back loaded horn design, it can extend the low bass further, easily reach 35 ~ 20K Hz. So, it is a very well-performed full range floor-standing enclosure speaker design.
  • We offer this 6.5” driver two enclosure suggestions, this one is a back loaded horn enclosure design.
Contents :
Remark :
  • Excluding cabinet and other accessories.
  • Horn Length : 2.5M.
  • For further cabinet suggestion please refer to SPEC below.

Unit : set