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SUG3-21 8" 3 Way Vented, Floor-Standing Enclosure Suggestion

Proposal :
  • This is a very classic design for Hi-Fi usage.- 3-way vented floor-standing enclosure
  • Adopting enchanting 5” mid-range W5-1661SDF, with a 25mm Hi-Res tweeter 25-2234S, which are very popular for Hi-Fi listeners. This combination goes along with an 8” low THD underhung woofer driver W8-2096B..
  • With these Hi-Fi drivers, we suggest to set the crossover points at 3kHz and 200Hz.
  • This is a perfect combination for Hi-Fi lovers, less expense for better, ideal sound design solution !
Contents :
Remark :
  • Excluding cabinet and other accessories.
  • Cabinet Suggestion : 36L / Fb:30 Hz.
  • Crossover Point : 200 Hz, 3K Hz.
  • For further cabinet and crossover suggestion please refer to SPEC below.

Unit : set