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      Many thanks to the encourage from customers all around the world, for years we've got lots and lots suggestions of kit developing from DIY hobbyist; to enjoy more fun especially accomplishment during the process of assembling by their own.

    Therefore here comes our D3-1, D4-1, full range speakerbox with back horn; and also comes D42-1, 2-way spakerbox with passive radiator and D52-1 2-way with vented box, from each different design, all the DIY hobbyist would find much fun from different sound preformance.

      As long as there are customers responding to the needs, and certainly there would be the force drives us to continue moving forward; Let us learn more knowledge during having fun with different enclosure design.

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( Ω)
( dB)
( W)
( KG/PC)
D3-1 3" Back Horn Full Range 8 88+/-2 30 10 pdf
D4-1 4" Back Horn Full Range 8 88+/-2 50 12.5 pdf
D42-1 4" Two-Way Series 6 86+/-2 60 8 pdf
D52-1 Two-Way DIY Kits 6 87+/-2 90 12 pdf
KIT0041 Mounting Kit with 2.0 Amplifier Adaptor