☆ Sound Module application (Movie Clip)

     “Sound Module is a revolutionary product that TB Speaker launched in these 2 years. Sound Module = Speaker Box, it can perfectly solve many acoustic design problems for cross-industry applications. With active driver plus passive radiator design, the Sound Module has very good low frequency performance that can usually be heard by 4” or 5” drivers. It can allow engineers not only have easy to use solutions, but also have great sound quality for their applications.
        When our customers ask about Sound Module information, they sometimes have question about what should be the applications for “Sound Modules”. Therefore, TB Speaker took the following animation to explain the possibility of Sound Module applications, such as: light industry, appliances, furniture, car audio, medical devices, projectors, gifts, robotics ... etc.

Click here: Tang Band "Sound Module" - application by Animation

        “Sound Module we currently have “full-range” and ”subwoofer” two categories.
        Sound Module could be customs by application for its outlook shape. We have a group of professional electronic, mechanical and sound engineer team. As long as you tell us your requirement, we can customize and build your own ODM Sound Module to upgrade your products for cross-industry application. Welcome to contact us!

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