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"TB Sound Module, Give Voice to Your Product"

What Is a Sound Module?
TB Speaker sound module is an innovated, precision designed and calibrated built in speaker box.
Sound Module Application Range
Our sound modules can give voice to products across many different industries. Some example applications are Projector Systems, Soundbars, Bluetooth speakers, Lamps, Light bulbs, Robots, Air purifiers, Sports Devices, Security Systems, Smart Home Control Systems, Smart Speakers, Switches, Furniture, Medical Devices, and built in health care facilities.
Our Sound Module Design
A sound module contains one or more speaker driver and passive radiator.
The passive radiator is used to enhance the reproduction of lower frequency sounds while still maintaining a small enclosure design. Also, the size and dimensions of the enclosure is scientifically designed using specialized parameters to maximize the efficiency and capability of the driver and passive radiator.
Enjoy our innovative product and give voice to your product! 
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