• Q10 Q&A for module amplifiers: KIT0058/KIT0059/KIT0060

    1) Would you have any information about the DSP built into the amplifiers? Is there software to program or adjust the DSP?
      [ANS]:There is a software to program DSP, but it’s not going to be published for our clients currently. Considering that, we have built-in adjustable HPF & LPF for pairing with different sound modules.

    2) On the KIT0058 and KIT0059, is the 3.5mm output full range (does the HPF or EQ adjustments affect it)?
      [ANS]:Adjusting HPF / LPF / EQ won’t affect signal output via 3.5mm jack.

    3) On the KIT0058 and KIT0059, what does the EQ adjustment do?

      [ANS]:The EQ adjustment is mainly for the frequency band from 300Hz to 5kHz, turning all the way to the right will decrease 5dB for this frequency band.

    4) On the KIT0060, there is a button between the Power button and HPF adjustment (pic below). What does that button do?
      [ANS]:The button has no function on KIT0060.

    5) Is there any possibility to have customized KIT0058, which can connect with the main board via serial communication for volume adjusting, EQ mode selecting and BT pairing?
      [ANS]:Customization is available.


  • Q9. Do you make amplifiers?

    Yes, we do make a lot of amplifiers.
    A) Class D, low power with Bluetooth function amplifiers: We have amplifier power from 3W to 30W available.
    B) Subwoofer high power amplifiers. We have class AB or class D amplifier, power range from 50W to 1000W available.
    C) High power home amplifiers: We have class AB or class D amplifier, power range from 100W to 1000W available.
    D) We have professional electrical engineering team can customize amplifiers according to customer’s request.

  • Q8. W3-517SB has really special dust cap. Can I know the specialty of this driver?

    [ANS] : The purpose of this dust capis similar to bullet-shaped dust cap. It is for reflexing medium/high frequency sound which generated by speaker driver diaphragm. It can also increase medium frequency sound performance because of thisspecial shape dust cap. The human sound can be heard more clearly than others.

  • Q7. Do some speaker drivers have wire attached on it while others don’t?

    [ANS] : Yes, this is because some speaker drivers don’t have enough space for terminals. So, we connected it directly with wire for our customers.

  • Q6. Can we customize the color of TB speaker frame (gasket), diaphragm and dust cap? Do you have special limitation on it?

    [ANS] : Yes, the color can be customized, but it will haveminimum order quantity (MOQ) limitation. Please give us an email for your requests.

  • Q5. Can you increase the sensitivity of module speakers?

    [ANS] : Developing a product usually needs to take considering of several factors, such as structure, material, parameters, cost… etc. It is okay to increase sensitivity and certain parameters. Please talk to our engineers for more detail.

  • Q4. Speaker driver with ferrite magnet like W5-1685, can you change the magnet to neodymium magnet? Will this change requires tooling to do it?

    [ANS] : For this change, the speaker frame (gasket) will need tooling to do so, and it will need some tooling fees. Also, speaker driver unit price will increase with rare earth neodymium magnet.

  • Q3. For high-end series speaker drivers like W5-2143 and W6-2144, why the dust cap has flat-shaped design? Can you change it to bullet-shaped design? Will this change affect the speaker driver performance?

    [ANS] : The purpose of dust cap is to reflex or scattering high frequency sound which generated by speaker driver diaphragm. Another important purpose of dust cap is to help heat transfer of voice coil. So, the performance won’t have big difference if dust cap changes to different shape. TB will do optimization design for every of our product.

  • Q2. Why “magnetically shielded” design applied to some of your speaker drivers like W3-1010SA andW3-1011SB? Dose this design affect the speaker driver’s performance?

    [ANS] : We have had done this magnetically shielded design for old CRT monitor. It will have magnet effect for CRT monitor display. For current LCD or LED monitors, this design is not necessary. Also, this design won’t affect too much performancefor speaker drivers.

  • Q1. Speaker drivers with dome-shaped diaphragm like W1-1942S and W1-1931S, can we change the diaphragm shape to cone-shaped diaphragmfor easier grill installation?

    [ANS]: If diaphragm height is key point for your application, we suggest you can use our other speaker drivers like W1-1828S, W1-2121S and W1-1815SA…etc. for your application.