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SUG2-09 4" 2 Way Bookshelf Enclosure Suggestion

Proposal :
  • This is a 2-way, vented designed bookshelf enclosure along with a 25mm silk dome tweeter (25-1917S) and a 4”mid-bass driver (W4-657D).
  •  25-1917S has an independent back chamber. With its 600Hz Fo, it can be matched up easily with mid-bass drivers.
  • The 4”driver cone is made from alum.-magnesium, the performance is very moderate, makes it a standard 4” mid-base driver.
  • Considering the appearance, we suggest to have 2 vents in a row for your enclosure, right between the tweeter and mid-bass drivers. This enclosure design speaker is a right size for placing on the table, or on a professional speaker stand. A pretty good 2-way designed speaker, brings you a wonderful hearing experience.
Contents :
Remark :
  • Excluding cabinet and other accessories.
  • Cabinet Volume: 5L.
  • For further cabinet and crossover suggestion please refer to SPEC below.

Unit : set